Worry Love and Pain

May 13, 2011
Every day I worry
Every night I have the same dream
Every morning I wake up
And wanting the dream to come true

Every day thoughts creep into my head
Every day and I hear your screams
Every night I wish I could help you
Every night i wish i could hold you

I wish i could comfert you
I cant sleep at night
Every morning you send me a txt saying "hi"
like nothing ever happend ysterday

When you and I know something did
Your seventeen comeing up on eightteen
I wish you and your brother could live up here with me
I dont know if i can keep this up

It eats me away
As like the sun sets
It breaks my heart slowly and painfuly
I wake up thinking
What if i have nothing left then what
Now ill end this poem with these words
I worry,love and care about you.

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moodjumper123 said...
Jul. 7, 2011 at 2:15 pm
wow so deep
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