To Fly

May 12, 2011
As I sit down and write this I wish I could fly.
To not be restrained; it's freedom I need.
To spread my wings and pass the clouds by.
My spirit isn't restrained--it yearns to be freed.

Soaring and swooping, diving and banking--
All of these options are open to me
As I spread my wings it's God I'm thanking
For allowing me to grow, to change, to be who I want to be.

Puffy clouds all around me in sunny So Cal, billowing and white
Basking in the sunlight, the breeze whispering by; there’s not a trouble on my mind.
I'm optimistic that everything seems all right;
I'll be flying high as long as the sun has shined.

Spreading my arms wide open and grabbing the air
I can do what I want and achieve what I dream
As long as I dare to dream and dream to dare
I will be me and not part of the mainstream.

Senior year is nearing, saying I want to grow up is a myth.
Big choices stare me in the face, the temptations are there
Soon on my own, no mom to help me, no father to laugh with
But I will be free, I will be me, I’ll keep my values, I swear.

Independence desired, gotta keep my head together with all the deadlines racing around
My dreams may be crazy but I stand by them till I die
Life is random and crazy—sometimes I’m so stressed I feel like I’ve drowned
But everything passes, good and bad. I know I’ll get through it—I will fly.

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