Why Did You Leave?

May 12, 2011
By , Torrington, WY
Why did you leave?
Why did you have to hurt us like that?
Why did you have to hurt me like that?
Why can’t you come back?
I love you so much, please let us come back home…

Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn’t you guys just fight it out at home?
How could you just abandon me, like I was nothing?
You hurt me and I’ll never love you again.
So much for 2nd mom.

Who do you think you are?!
Just when I was getting use to you not being here.
You can’t just start coming around,
Acting like nothing happened.
Everything happened,
and you can’t change it.
You weren’t here.

You can’t just waltz in and act normal.
What you did hurt me.
What happened,
Shouldn’t have happened to me or dad.
My dad may forgive and forget,
But I’m not that easy.
‘Be nice to her’, ‘Don’t be rude to her’.
Why should I be nice to the woman who makes me cry when I think of her,
Why should I be nice to the woman who kicked US out of our home,
The woman who completely abandoned me.

I trusted and loved you.
You messed that up.
You can’t just walk in and suck up and expect everything to go back to normal.
It will never be normal.
You changed that yourself.

Why can’t people abandon people
And stay gone?
Why couldn’t you stay away?
Let me get use to my ‘new’ life.
Let me get use to not having… you.
Let me get use to all the crap you did,
That now I have to do.
Why don’t you just get gone.
Like you should have stayed.

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