People All Around

May 12, 2011
By xhayleyx PLATINUM, Westport, Indiana
xhayleyx PLATINUM, Westport, Indiana
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People all around
Looking, taking it all in
What has happened?
Why must it go this far?

One man lay motionless
One woman
pleading with her arms in the air,
Why, why, why?

Men and woman, all around
On the grass, in the road
Wondering about anything,
And everything

Will things ever be the same?
They all must wonder
It's written on all their faces
What will happen to them now?

The dreams of many are gone
Lives completely torn away
Just this one scene I see
Just this one man is gone

How many people have suffered?
What has happened forever?
People suffer,
And what do we do?

Can anyone be helped?
Is this just part of life?
Death I know for sure,
for it comes to end us all
But will this suffering ever end?

Too much pain has become
In this cold, dark world we live in
No more turning a blind eye
Look and see what we are
Do not avert your eyes
Look and see
What we have become

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