I've Given Up on Forever

May 12, 2011
By Kunabee GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
Kunabee GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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I’ve given up forever
I’ve given up hope
When everything just crashes down again
What’s the use?

I knew it would come to this,
Even though I tried,
I’ve always been lying,
And now I’ve nearly died.

It was a pinky promise,
Or an “I swear”,
It became unspoken knowledge,
That one day failed.

So I’ve given up forever
I know it’s not out there
The things we shared,
The friend I had.

Long gone in the dust are those happy days,
The days when I could laugh without fear,
Now I’m scared to even breathe,
When anyone but me is near.

Judgments pass without a thought,
You really don’t see do you?
I’m one of the broken,
I’m one of the lost.

Once upon a time is just a fairy tale,
And happily ever after isn’t real,
We’re all just dead and dying,
I can’t even feel.

I used to love and dream and hope,
Faith was always there,
Now I know,
All it is, is bitterness.

I used to see every color in the world,
Now all I see is gray,
There’s no force or power like in black or white,
Just an emptiness so drear.

Do you remember a time called faith?
Do you remember a time so dear?
Do you remember when we never cried?
Do you remember when we always did?

There was happiness,
Once in that great blue world,
There was love,
Once in that great grey world.

Now all that’s left is the shell,
“I swear” and pinky-promises,
Unspoken knowledge means nothing,
Now I know better.

I’ve given up on forever,
Friends we used to be,
Now I realized you lied to me,
And I lied to you.

So you can’t blame me for giving up on forever,
You can’t blame me on loosing hope,
This world has been dead for years too long,
I can’t even hear the music anymore.

But then one day I can’t help feeling,
Love will come back around.
I’ve given up on forever,
But I still like the sound.

The author's comments:
Lately I've had a lot of lows. I'm fourteen years old and middle school... well it's rough. I'm doubting friendships and I've lost almost all my friends. The world... seems to have gone horribly awry. I'm just waiting and waiting for things to be right.
I've given up on friends forever, but you know, I still like the sound.

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