My game

May 12, 2011
By l-roz6 BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
l-roz6 BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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My Game
The whistle blows, let the battle begin
15 men run down the field to retrieve the ball
Getting hurt is one thing that is not on their minds

Crouch! Touch! Pause! Engage! The sir yells
Thousand pounds of brute strength bang
Against each other like a hammer on a nail

Balls out! The opponents yell out
The scrum half holds the ball like a mother and her newborn
He then runs the ball to avoid massive contact

The big meatheads lick their chops waiting to pounce
As the little scrum half quickly passes the ball off
Once the fly half gets it, balls punted in the air

He runs as fast as he can to catch the ball
Boom! The ball hits the ground
Then lands right into the players arms

He runs the ball into the try zone
Everyone going crazy for the winning team

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