Nightmare and Daydreams

May 12, 2011
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I have Nightmare and Daydreams
My nightmares consist of me tossing and turning
I have nightmares that allow me to fade into blackness where the monsters and creatures unfold
In my nightmares I see myself following the path of destruction that my biological mother created
She became well known to and familiar with smoky roads and smoky nights
Allowing her to feed upon a sick addiction
Adrenanline rushing through her veins and deep pleasure of pain coursing through her for the need for a plastic needle
In nightmares
I see my father turning away from me
because I didn't choose the path that he had chosen for me
He see my biological mother burden in my eyes
Her faults placed upon me
He turn away from grief and dishonor
In my nightmares
I see my father constructing a beautiful future that I desire
But mainly constructed for his desires
because he see that I will become a stranger to the world like my mother
But I no longer have these nightmares
I have Daydreams
that I will not become known to an addiction full of remorse and pain
Or become best friends with needles
I have Daydreams
that I will walk away from the destruction that my mother created within her life
Not my own
I have Daydreams
that my father will become proud of me all because he can see that I can choose a future where me and him can agree upon
And he no longer see my biological mother within me
But only see me as his daughter
I have Nightmares and Daydreams

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