free me

May 13, 2011
You think I’m happy.
I’m not.
You think I’m shy.
I just don’t talk.
You think you know me.
You don’t.
You don’t know what its like to feel alone.
You see me smile,
I’m hiding the pain.
The pain of being alone.
If you hear me, will you listen?
When you see me will you smile?
Will you reach out for me and help me see,
What life is really about.
Reach out and pull me out,
Pull me out of this dark cloud.
I’m sick of it raining every day,
I’m stuck in a storm,
I’m done.
Done with waiting for it to pass.
Now I’m dancing in the rain,
And making the storm go away.
Thank you for your helping hand,
That freed me from the storm.

I’m learning how to soar,
and fly away to a place,
that’s free of all this pain

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