May 12, 2011
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I hope I never grow up to be like you,
But everyday when I look in the mirror…
I can’t escape you.
I am you , and you are me…
But one day, you will learn to see,
Im nothing to play with.
Now, your demeanor was always smooth and cool…
You put on this facade of man who loved all his children equlally.
All eight of us..
But deep down you were mean, and cruel…
Showing love to the children you favored most,
And the rest of us?
Psh ,we weren’t even considered yours.
We meant nothing to you.
Three letters that meant nothing to you,
You were never a dad you were just a daddy.
Something I called you..
Just to prove you were the man who planted his s***m inside my mother.
But you never was and never will be a D.A.D

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