Without You

May 12, 2011
By mwshelley BRONZE, Hartland, Michigan
mwshelley BRONZE, Hartland, Michigan
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If you see, you will judge. To be great is to be misunderstood.

The pain in my heart cannot compare to the apathy in my soul. I suffer in this world of devastation, the life I once knew ignited in the light of my past. It kills me to walk down this path of ember and sure as hell remember you and me all the way back to December. But we’re distant now, separated by the empty feeling inside. Though there’s nothing to hide, but without you by my side it’s hard to concentrate on the simple things in life. You often show up in my dreams, and it’s you head to toe. There’s a crow pecking at my window, he says hello as he bellows out his natural call. This empty hall reminds me of you, when we were together but I guess forever is never. I should be moving forward, but instead I’m behind. The thought of you keeps me from the rest. I’m too afraid that if I leave you behind I’ll know that I never tried. And it kills me to think that you’re the reason why, but that’s not true. Now I feel blue, by the thought of you. I think I’m going insane, will you help me. Or are you just going to let me be like always? I have made my choice, and I bid you all goodbye.

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