The broken cage

May 12, 2011
By doodaa BRONZE, Onex, Other
doodaa BRONZE, Onex, Other
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School for me was a separation
Crossing the line would be punished without hesitation
Even though skin color never caused a fight
My school separated black from white

The new law passed a week ago
but teachers still treated them as a foe
The teacher rattled on and on
And interest on both sides was long gone

I smiled to the a boy which my parents would shun
I wish I could play with him and have fun
But sadly color is a gruesome cage
which I would disengage

After what seemed like long years
the teachers eyes seemed to flood with tears
the bell rang
out we sprang

After school I broke a big rule
I went close to the boy and kept my cool
and conversation began
even if he had a dark black tan

We were almost the same
soon we started playing a game
A black and a white boy were never seen together before
this shook legal racism to the core

Even if it took an age
two children broke the cage
they played a game
Soon everybody would know that racism is seriously lame.

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