I Love You Too

May 13, 2011
By harrypotter51297 SILVER, Dyersville, Iowa
harrypotter51297 SILVER, Dyersville, Iowa
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It’s almost as if our minds are the same,
But maybe it’s just the dopamine to blame.
Still I can’t help but think,
That my heart has met love’s brink.
You’re so perfect that I say this all the time,
There’s nothing I want more than to call you mine.
I love your smile and laugh,
And when I look at you with her, my heart slowly splits in half.
Yet as I sit here, alone with you,
Everything feels so right, yet you don’t seem to have a clue.
But when she broke your heart, not too long ago,
Who did you come to, when you felt so low?
I was the one who was there for you, helping you through this mess,
And I’m the only one who will love you above all the rest.
Sitting here, talking so comfortable and easy,
Nothing about first love felt cheesy.
Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore; I had to say it before I must go,
Before I need to board that plane, many new summer memories in tow.
I had turned silent, and you asked, “What’s wrong?”
And that’s when I told him, that I’ve loved him all along.
His face just stared, confused, back at me,
But when he finally spoke those amazing words, my heart jumped with glee.
People say that those three little words will change someone,
That they will burn in your heart like a setting sun.
But I am one of the lucky few,
To heat him say,
“I Love You Too.”

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