Puerto Rico

May 13, 2011
The 'rich port' of the Caribbean;
Rich in culture and beauty.
An azure sky up high, covered by a canopy of clouds.
Turquoise waters down below, surrounded by dark topaz sand.

The waves of the water kiss the shore in hello.
The omnipotent tropical heat scorches the sand during the day.

But at night,
the cool gentle rain soothes their burns.

The Sun smiles at El Yunque as it rises in the east.
A happy reinita chirps at the jade palm trees on the sand (as she soars over the land).
Her vibrant personality cheers the spirits of everyone.
The evening nears;
The Sun is just about part and the sky's face is streaked with orange tears.
“Don't”, he says and comforts his distressed friend.
Then, with a reluctant goodbye, he leaves.

As the night approaches, the moon strokes the Sun's fiery cheek as they trade posts.
Her daughters, the stars, giggle, too eager to go to bed.
With a simple gesture, she calms them.
The observant little coqui (perched on a tree), though shy,
Ventures to offer Her Majesty his assistance.
He then starts singing his light lullaby to ease them all to sleep.

We Boricuas are of Spanish, African, and Taino descent.
We are a very animated people with a colorful culture.
We celebrate for the smallest of things and welcome each other as if we are all family.
When we need, we help each other to succeed.
When we want, we work hard to achieve.

But the environment is suffering.
Things are not what they used to be :
There are still the sugarcane and coffee fields where farmers still work hard like in the old days.
Although skyscrapers and hotels seem to take the place of these nowadays. :(
A bit of copper and nickel here and there.
Yet there seems to be concrete everywhere.
But I know we will find hope somewhere.

But let's not have such bitter thoughts linger in our heads.
Isn't Puerto Rico such an island!
Incredible diversity of flora and fauna.
There can't be possibly be a better example of paradise !

Although overshadowed by the continents
and overwhelmed by the oceans,
The light of Borinken shines through the island
and through its people.
No one can compare the radiant beauty of Puerto Rico,
the Jewel of the Caribbean.

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