The Tackle

May 12, 2011
By smgtx11 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
smgtx11 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Down, Set, Hut!
Nobody moved.
It was a hard count.
Suddenly everything was in motion.

The D-line going for penetration,
the corners covering the receivers,
the free-safety looking for the ball,
the outside-safety cutting to the quarterback,

There he was, the running back
The outside-safety was on him, but missed the hit.
I came up to make the tackle
I was not aware of anything around me,
but the guy running the ball.
The impact was jarring.
My helmet slammed into his stomach,
his rammed my shoulder.

I brought him down for a loss,
which was great, for they were winning by six.
Unfortunately, when the game was over,
the scoreboard wasn’t in our favor.
But I was proud of my moment of glory.

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