Long Lasted

May 12, 2011
By A.Slaughter BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
A.Slaughter BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Love Me Or Hate Me But You WON'T Brake Me !

What you see here is a person that have been hurt many time's ! You see tears falling on the ground and you see tissue every where. Even though its very quiet its bleeding out my soul, I really needed You . Now that I see how big of a joke this relationship is to you I guess its time for our good bye's ! Hopefully the next girl you date can put up with you. I hope you treat her with respect, some thing you didn't show me ! i feel so stupid for loving you and caring for you. You hurt me and lied to me ! You cheated on me and yet I still ran back to you ! I am very disappointed in my self for not believing my friend's ! Well Here is our good bye's for ever ! </3

The author's comments:
This is about a girl putting her boy friend first in every thing and not seeing the light because he's blocking it , but then some how she finds her way around him and sees every thing she's been missing just because he was being ignorant and she was being blinded by him , to even see what was going on around her !

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