Turn Out The Light

May 12, 2011
By MakennaD BRONZE, Rupert, Idaho
MakennaD BRONZE, Rupert, Idaho
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When a door closes a window opens. Now it's up to you decide if you want to squeeze through the window or find another door.

I miss that one kiss
I swear that was the best night
Even though you nearly missed
I miss you next me
It's so hard
Because I didn't see
You're the owner of my heart
How can this be?
You're like a famous piece of art
I see your face everywhere
But I open my eyes to find myself alone.
I still say your name
I have no one but myself to blame.
During the night
I feel myself begin to cry
Because I can't handle it when
I turn out the light.
I can still remember the time we met
Was so afraid to talk
But you made me face it.
You use to smile just for me to see
And every time
It nearly killed me
It feels like such a long time
Like a past life
Since the sun has been shinning
You were my one choice
But you are gone now
And now I don't have a voice.
So I wait for the sunrise
To know I'm alive and survived another night
All I need is to close my eyes
So I watch your light fade
As my heart bleeds
Trying to live this way.
I would give it all for you
Because I don't want to fall
But we will never be
You're to good
For an invisible girl like me

The author's comments:
For the boy with crystal eyes <3

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