The scar

May 12, 2011
By Jorge Vazquez BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Jorge Vazquez BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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When I go mountain biking I always remember my scar.
I was mountain biking with my friends we were going up a very steep hill to find a trial that was all downhill. We were all the way up in 30 minutes and we were at the top. We found the trail and we went by turns because you go really fast so counted to 20 and went so could get some distance just in case on went slower or faster than the other person. I was the last one and I went my bike started to go really fast and right as I came to a curve I saw a little jump and I got ready for the jump and I thought I wasn’t going to land it but I did. Then after that the trail was all curves which sucked because I was going really fast and it was hard to curve.

I caught up with my friends when we were curving I started noticing that some parts of the trail that looked like burrows. We were half way there and we would rest and go home for that day. There were more and more burrows I started to go even faster and I was almost there when out popped a gofer I squeezed the handle bar brakes and I only squeezed the front brake for the front tire and I flew and landed on a plant that some sort of needle’s sticking out. I landed on it one went in really deep on my leg that my skin ripped out when I got out. My friends came rushing to help me. One of my friends tied my bleeding leg with a bandana. I went home with my leg still bleeding riding my bike. When I got home my mom was freaking out and she put alcohol the one that you buy at the medical section of a store. Then she waited for it to try then she put lemon on it. The pain hurt and stung. I laid on my bed and I only got up to use the bathroom my mom brought me food and a drink. The next day I went to the doctors and the doctor said not to put a lot of weight on it he gave me something to wrap it with and that’s how I got my scar.

What I learned was that always be careful.

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