Just A Life

May 12, 2011
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I believed I was once invincible,
then I met reality,
I came face to face with the struggles of the common day,
Now I believe I am something,
Something to be reckoned with,
Someone, who can proclaim what life is,
And what is life?
A struggle?
A time to love?
What is love?
A simple feeling towards someone?
Or is it deeper?
I once believed love was a myth,
A folk told tale of distress,
then I met him
Him and all of his ways,
He shifted the balance of what I am,
Who am I?
I am me,
Simple, plain me,
I am who I am, and that is real.
I love me for me, I am the change I want.
My flaws, my gifts, my talents,
Just like a flower, petals and all
Memories, laughter,
The sugar to life,
each time I laugh sparks erupt,
Life lessons are true,
I believe life is what you make it.
You want to deny reality, then do it
You want to teach the lessons of life, go for it
You want to love unconditionally, be my guest
You want to believe in yourself, no one is holding you back.

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