Abuse by the one that cares for you

May 29, 2011
Abuse, all I can do is take it ,
I love you to much,
To do anything about it,
Every day I sit there,
Verbal abuse, those mean words,
Physical abuse, it hurts,
But the words hurt worse,
You say you don’t love me,
But I know that’s not true,
It’s the alcohol,
But it sill hurts,
You need help,
I say every time,
But you don’t listen,
My own father,
Days follow the same thing,
But today was different,
Today you had to much,
I blame myself,
For what you did,
You were drinking,
You left the house,
Got in the car and drove,
I shouldn’t have let you go,
You drove off the bridge,
As I watched,
Nothing I could do,
They found you hours later,
But it was to late,
Dead the report said,
The news came only to fast,
Now what you did first mom left,
Now you left,
No-one but me to face the world,
I miss you daddy,
You make me live with this every day,
I blame myself for what you did,
You said you drank because of me,
This abuse is much worse,
I have to live without you,
My role model,
My best friend,
My father.

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