May 29, 2011
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The intensity so great
Overwhelming fear
People dropping left and right
Queer things arising

Paranoia strikes
Living in terror
Nowhere to turn
No safe haven

Butchery is undeniable
Slayed by an unseen hand
Trying to prevent
The inevitable

Death the parasite
The world its host
No sense of mercy
No forgiveness

Absence of clemency
Glut of wrath
Is this madness justified
What is its meaning

This deathly affair
Is torture to the soul
Will there ever
Be silence

Devoid of all emotions
Stripped of all
But terror

Demise waits incessantly
Fatality right around the corner
Fear suspense death
What is the true fate

Soon all shall fall
Vanishing as if up in smoke
Taken one by one
And then there were none

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