May 29, 2011
By dvoychuk GOLD, Watchung, New Jersey
dvoychuk GOLD, Watchung, New Jersey
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The world is a loaf of bread
Each slice a single domain
Carefully interwoven with thread
Too complex to explain

It has an upper crust
With a rich warm smack
Then there are the parts with dust
Oh how much they lack

Despite the complex style
Of the giant loaf of bread
It isn’t mean and vile
It is quite widespread

Despite all the mold
The bread is better as a whole
Its value much greater than gold
Even parts that resemble coal

It is the staple food of life
Without it all would go wrong
No need for a bread knife
Let the happiness prolong

It takes a lot to get the bread just right
Each dot of flour must do its job
This doesn’t happen overnight
It’s not just merely a large blob

What makes a loaf stand out
Does it have the right flavor
Is it all throughout
Is it something one would savor

In the end there is nothing
At least not much that meets the eye
Absence of something stunning
But there’s a lot that you deny

The most amazing part of all
Each individual piece
Deserves a curtain call
For none will ever cease

Small tidbits are the most important
Something more that it becomes
Never are they discordant
Don’t forget the crumbs

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