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May 12, 2011
By lynnbby223 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
lynnbby223 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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I'm a teen, I'm very weak kneed I just found out, I’m going to have a baby,
I feel as if this is all my fault, I can feel that my heart just dropped,
How could this be, this wasn’t my plan, I don’t think anyone understands,
This will change everything in my life, and cause me a great deal of strife,
I haven’t told anyone yet, cause I think I might regret,
Regret telling my “true friends” thinking that they’ll understand,
Telling my daddy will be the hardest part,
knowing I let our trust fall apart,
Telling mommy,
Her little girl is having a baby
Yeah right that just sounds crazy,
All because my boyfriend was lazy.

He should have put that condom on,
But instead he through it in the hall,
And now I realize the side affects,
All I can do is think an regret.
Regret everything that happened in the past,
Hoping our relationship will STILL last.
When I told him, he wouldn’t believe it,
He said he’d have to go and see it,
He went and took a blood test,
Hoping it wasn’t his for the best,
But in the end, he got proved wrong,
He read this poem, and fell apart,
He said he had to get something outta his car,
When I went outside to help him look,
I looked on the ground and I took,
Took this note that says” sorry it cant be mine
I’m not trying to waste my time, on something that isn’t truly mine”
I got on my knees and I cried, hoping my heart will heal in time,
I didn’t think this would ever happen to me,
Didn’t think I’d ever have a baby,
I thought id be OK just 1 time,
But it turns out,
You need to use a condom EVERYTIME,
If you don’t wanna end up like me,
In this crappy life
Go ahead, and take this advice..

The author's comments:
project from school had to do for health class,

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