Precious life torn away

May 12, 2011
By Jader BRONZE, Atalissa, Iowa
Jader BRONZE, Atalissa, Iowa
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As I look at the horizon I could see the waves coming in to destroy.
It looked picture perfect.
The waves were as tall as a three story building-
The roar of the waves sounded like laughter.

I try to out run the picture perfect waves, but it spared no one.
Swallowing up families hole-
Laughing as though it won-
Like life was all over.

In my last few minutes of life-
I thought about my beautiful wife-
She was the one that I wanted to be with forever.
Our baby girl was so cute-
I could just picture playing with her tiny hands.

She will never get to see what life is like.
How can nature be so cruel?
How can it destroy our homes?
These questions I can’t answer.
One last though I want to leave you with-
Can you imagine going through what we have just gone through?

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