Peaceful White Mountains

May 12, 2011
By Shanea BRONZE, Moore, South Carolina
Shanea BRONZE, Moore, South Carolina
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Sunny with chills of wind
Clouds in the sky ready for the rain that has been sent.
It’s so quiet and peaceful in this white mountainous view.
The sight is so high and beautiful for the view of you.
And the graceful forest tree tops
As you watch the cold windbreak your face
With that fresh air taste
And smell the aroma of the clean air
When you bend down you can feel the
Mountainous rock and smell the algae wood
As you listen to the wind in the trees
It is just you as you watch God’s creatures
Fill your ears; wishing you could share this
Beautiful sight with your past loved ones.
This is where the two unite at the very
Top of a quiet and nature filled mountain
At midday with a sunny sky and white
Clouds floating waiting to be taking away.
Let the smell and sight fill your senses
And BELIEVE in anything.

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