I miss you

May 12, 2011
By RueLove BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
RueLove BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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You're here
I feel you
Not in body
but in spirit.
You smile and look down,
trying to change whats bad to right
You see me
and wave.
But I can not see you,
just know you are there.
to be with your family once again.
It may not be our time just yet,
but be strong and have a
brave face
Just know that we miss you,
that's all it takes.
Look down on the people who
are going through what you went through.
You beg and plead for them to be saved
maybe they will,
but just know that there's a plan for them.
You may not like it,
but it is true.
God had a plan for you.
I may not know what that is
just yet,
but as I grow, I become
slowly trying to know.
Why God took you away from the people you love,
Why he could be so cruel.
Maybe its your turn to help someone like you,
with cancer.
Try to help them,
save them.
I miss you Papal Terry,
but now you're put to good use.

The author's comments:
My Papal Terry died of cancer last month but I know that he's in a better place. I miss him but he's going to help.

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