We will never be the same

May 12, 2011
By Anonymous

We’ll never be the same.
Going to public schools

Learning of events from the past
I’ve come to realize that the many events from the past are now
They’re the present
Looked down upon for being different
But mom, we’re in school together and they’re my friends
It doesn’t matter they have a different color skin
It’s very hard to be told you’re wrong when you know you’re right
Instilled in my mind at such a young age
Like a robot, unaware
I listened to everyone around me
I watched my friends from school grow into strangers that I didn’t recognize
I watched a police officer take an innocent girl to jail
Illusion, illegal, and in just
Why can’t I have the friends I wanna have
The diary in my book bag tells me I can
For what it counts
I want to venture off from the beliefs’ of my family
From the past
I want to be my own
I go into my room, the same everyday
-BANG- with a slam of the door
Only hopeful for a new, but better day

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece in my creative writing class after talking about racism and discrimination.

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