Things Do Change

May 12, 2011
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The times were rough,
Our war was tough
As Americans, we’ve had enough

Things did change around
The economy still in the ground
In our debt, we almost drowned

Not like the Depression,
More like the Great Recession
With 9/11 unfolding
We needed help, it was our only confession

After Bush we got Obama,
He had to deal with the nation’s trauma
Almost made him cry to his Mama

He turned the economy back to the light,
The Republicans put up a fight
But Obama won, simply over night

Left Iraq, we’ll leave the Afghan,
Obama will get his man
After Osama’s death, Obama says, "Justice has been done."

Approvals through the roof,
The President is re-running
Maybe this is proof
His term was stunning
Maybe he will get us out of this mess

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