A Storm Within

May 24, 2011
By Cayden SILVER, West Olive, Michigan
Cayden SILVER, West Olive, Michigan
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The rain slowly falls.
As the sky turns black.
The wind starts to blow.
All the emotions start to flow.
I can still hear your voice.
Remember the words you said.
As you walked away.
Turning your back on me.
Saying you were lost.
Not sure where you were headed.
Wanting to see what others have to offer.
Wanting to open you heart to the world.
And not wanting to stand on the outside anymore.
Hoping to find something true.
As the tears fall,
You try to smile.
Not wanting to show your pain.
Always running from the past.
Standing there watching the rain fall.
Lightening fills the sky,
Thunder is all you hear.
That's the day you walked away.
A storm was raging inside you.
You weren't ready to fight.
You just did what you thought was right.
To afraid to stand and fight for me.
I stood in the rain watching you go.
Not understanding your choice.
Wanting to believe you'd come back.
But you left, taking my smile with you.
I just wanted to believe in you.
Wanted to help you find the person,
That I have always seen in you.
Looking into your eyes,
I see all the emotions you hide.
The fire that never seems to die.
The rage that never seems to fade.
The love that never seems to come.
The sadness that only seems to deepen.
The hurt that seems to stay.
A storm of emotions locked inside.
Fighting to be let out.
A heart fighting for control,
A mind fighting for relief.
And a child left behind in the rain.

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