You Think... You're Wrong

May 11, 2011
You think I'm worthless

You think I'm stupid

You think

That I'm unsuccessful

You think I'm iggnorant

My head up my a**

You think that

I don't know what you're saying

That maybe I'm too retarded

To comprehend

Well guess what?

Your jugdements...

They are wrong

I mean who would stay

With a "man" like him?

Who would betray a promise

Made on my father's death bed?

Who would choose him

Over me

After he hurt you

So many times?

I know I'm loved

And cared for

You may think

That I'm stupid

Or iggnorant

Or retarded

But guess what?

You're only talking bad

About yourself

So go ahead

F*** up your life

Just know

That you

Made a mistake...

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