May 11, 2011
It is like a wind,

Howling through my body.

It is like a drug,

Intoxicating my mind.

It is like a poison,

Seeping through my soul.

My thoughts roam from the waters,

To the skies in search of peace,

But there is none to be seen.

As I race through the desert,

Pass the coyote in the night,

I feel as if in a trance.

My limbs, my organs, my very cell,

Speak kind words very well.

They whisper for me to stop,

Then they scream for me to sleep,

But my mind dictates it all,

Finding reasons to stall.

My eyes begin to droop,

As the beat in my heart slows,

I feel so tired,

My hopes so low.

I wish it wasn’t so.

But I was so bestowed,

This burden of,


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