Christmas Morning

May 11, 2011
By jgarvey1 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jgarvey1 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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It glared at me.
It saw right through me, down to my deepest intentions and desires, and it saw what I truly wanted: to defeat it, to see what was inside.
The spotted red and green dots on its exterior,
like a zebra from another planet.

My excitement could be contained no longer.

I prepared myself for battle.
I struck first, ripping and tearing violently and discarding its contents to the side as fast as I could as I kept breathing harder
and harder in anticipation I could feel it I was almost there I was on the verge of
victory-wait is that sweat or tears running down my face?-I don’t care
I’m almost there-

But Wait

How foolish was I, there was more: another layer.
I plunged my weapon into its hard, cardboard armor.
Don’t use the scissors like that, a voice behind me yelled, but I did not listen. I was intent on destroying this beast once and for all.
As I began sawing through its shell, I could hear it hopelessly surrendering with the sound of metal tearing through artificial bone.

I looked around at the destruction that lay around me
scraps of cardboard and wrapping paper lay at my feet
As I looked inside what remained of the cardboard box I smiled

A brand new Xbox 360 smiled back at me.

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