I Am in Love

April 6, 2011
By janjan16 BRONZE, Placentia, California
janjan16 BRONZE, Placentia, California
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I am in Love I am in love. I was 15 years old, as I first began my journey paddling through the Oceans vibrant heart beats. My arms swayed back and forth and in and out into its body as if we were one. I saw its soul mate as I lifted my head for guidance. She was bright and astronomically luminous beautifying the ocean water. Love, defined as something tender,soft,different,gratifying and sweet. Love, is what I felt. It began to get nervous, as I was in its territory. Its heart beat became faster like a ticking clock. The flow of the water was a rising. I needed to be one with the OCEAN quickly. So I faced its Lover, felt its heart beat and paddled my way into its heart. Its heart beat was five feet over my head. I dropped into its soul. And saw its inner life as I barreled across its sea of love. Right then, I knew I was one with the OCEAN. I am in Love. I am in Love. I am in Love.

The author's comments:
Surfing connects me with nature and life and allows me to write and gather all my thoughts and turn them into beautiful words.

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