Real Hope

May 11, 2011
By sam glaze BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
sam glaze BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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“Please Help!”
Was the yelp
That came from the man.
All the man had in his hand was a can.
It was full of change,
But not the fake Obama kind
He was becoming deranged
Kinda losin’ his mind.
He needed something real
Not just a measley dime.
But then it happened;
His hope arrived.
A McCain, Palin sticker on the back end
Of this Ferrari all wheel drive.
The man with his Oakleys stepped out of the car,
And walked up to the man with the internal scar.
He said, “How are you doing; I’ve got money on hand.”
The poor guy shed a tear and said, “You’re such a kind man.
All I need is some money to support my fam.”
The kind man didn’t reply but pulled out a grand.
He put it in the can and drove away.
The poor man never forgot what happened that day

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