Starlit Sequence

May 11, 2011
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a Summer day.
the meadow, vibrant with life,
Beauty shining in her fiery locks, a hazel whisper in her eyes,
Her love never ending, with her tender touch.
She fills his dreams, with her gentle gaze,
and with the bat of a lash, his heart leaps.
The sun slowly sets, going out with a bang,
an explosion of color: purple, orange, and gold..
They lay back, the two lovers,
watching as the starlit giants,
conquer the heavens above,
the soft, constant chirping the only thing,
masking their soft breath, their passionate heartbeat..
The moon replaces their golden sun,
the liquid silver washes over their tangled limbs,
illuminating a single, sweet kiss...
Her heart pounds, drown by the humble beat of his own..
The starlit giants their only witness, to their love, so grand..
The sun rises, the next morn', their golden star greets their soft, love-filled sighs,
as the days go on once more, as they have..
The Starlit Sequence never ending..

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