May 3, 2011
By puppetXgirl BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
puppetXgirl BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Everything gone in the blink of an eye
All’s lost crumbling down
Those four walls that gave me strength
Crashed on in

I’m tumbling down with the roof caving in
I’m being pushed around like the rain leaking threw
I’m silently crying as the dead trees fall
I’m hammered into nothing like the world where I lived

There’s nothing left. Take a number, get in line
You’re next on this path
That I’ve stumbled upon

You can’t get what you want
You can’t even get what you need
As you fall on your knees you cry like a baby

Hard work, courage, love, every feeling that mattered,
Box them up and store them away
Maybe get them out later

You’ve got school tomorrow!
You haven’t done your chores!
But nothing seems to matter in that head of yours.

A zombie! That’s how you’re acting now
Walking around like you have a purpose
But that’s all down the drain

RED! That’s the only color that you see
The pain inside you, try to hold it back.
You put on your best “happy go lucky” smile and wave.

“No one needs to know,” you whisper to yourself.
So you suffer alone
For your world is dead.

The one place in life where you can always be you,
Where people can never judge you
Even if you start being foolish

Your hiding spot where time seems to slow
Where you forget your problems
And laugh all you want.

A paradise, all of your own
No one to burden you
Just relax and sleep.

In a minute, NO! Less than a second
Everything’s gone, destroyed and damaged.
Believe it or not, it’s true!

You had just gotten home, does this ring any bells?
Terrible tragedy, thank goodness no one was hurt.
But your room is gone, don’t you feel like dirt?

I can tell you do but I’ve got to say,
You’re still you even with it all gone.
I promise things won’t change permanently

Time may have stopped for a day or two
But you’ll be okay; I’ll help you through it.
Don’t worry darling there’s nothing to it.

If I can make you smile I can make you laugh,
If I can make you giggle I can make you happy
I will, I swear.
I’ll bring back your box of feelings and the colors of the rainbow.

Happiness isn’t forever away
I promise we can do it
Together, always

The author's comments:
I recently had a tree fall down on my house and obliterate my entire room. Everything special to me destroyed or damaged.

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