May 3, 2011
By CallMeBlu SILVER, Mohnton, Pennsylvania
CallMeBlu SILVER, Mohnton, Pennsylvania
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The best way to prepare for life, is to begin to live. ~Elbert Hubbard

Yellow's the bumblebee working from hour to hour
The color of a meadow full of dandelion flowers
Yellow is blond hair often paired with blue eyes
Yellow's the color of the morning's sunrise
It uncovers the mysteries of shadowed places
Appears in bright smiles upon people's faces
It's children's finger paint; the brightest of all
The color of leaves in the dawn of the fall
Yellow's the happiness and joy that's found
When a child sees a room with gifts piled round
Yellow is a person when they've had good luck
It's the color of a child's little rubber duck
It's the color of Big Bird on Sesame Street
It's the sunshine warming the toes on your feet
Yellow's the color of the day and the night
With the moon that shimmers and the sun that lights
Yellow's a highlighter; a reminder of notes
It's the way little kids pronounce it "yay-yow"
It's the whisper of promise filling the air
Little kids' favorite Winnie-the-Pooh-Bear
Yellow's the scent at winter's end
Telling us spring is just around the bend
Yellow is children squealing with glee
Birds that sing the ever-changing melody
It's the pages of an old, classic book
Just waiting for you to come take a look
Yellow's the nightlight that helps kids sleep
Yellow is hope in despair so deep
Yellow fills you up and makes you whole
Lifting your spirits and shining in your soul

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