Cherry Blossom Trees

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I glance into her pale blue eyes,

So stale and lifeless, amid the cherry blossom trees;
She stares at me, as I watch her ;( pause)
The girl standing atop a bridge,

Her bare-feet, so smooth and delicate, balancing, (pause)

On the cold steel beam, long worn;
I can see it, past her eyes into her dark and lonely soul, (pause)

She asks herself if life is really worth living through,

Or if life is just some overrated joke played on all humanity;
The girl looking so sad and distant, (pause)

As if the will of life had already left her,

So why hasn’t she jumped yet, why isn’t she already dead;
Such a young girl, yet so driven;
I feel her pain as it stones my heart; (pause)
The cherry blossom trees weep,

Their tears swirling around her, wishing her luck,

The trees understand her pain, (pause)

More than a man ever could.

The author's comments:
the thought just popped into my head when my mom started spouting some crap about how emo and suicidal people were diseased which really pissed me off so i wrote this poem which i hope expresses my feelings to other people

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