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May 18, 2011
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My new favorite word.

I love when you talk to me.
You were adorable when you complimented me.
I have never felt real butterflies until that moment.
They were
squirming and
singing the happiest song imaginable
within the very pit of my stomach.

I like you.
a simple three word sentence
and yet...
so complex.

Three and a half hours have
never gone by so quickly in my life.
I want to wrap them up and save
each and every minute.

So many topics,
I want to write them in a book and save
each and every word.

So many words.
and hesitant
and Aurora Borealis.

I cried in front of you.
I wasn't going to...
they just fell on their own accord.
Tears are funny things.
Just like time.

We both love the stars.
I can't ever find the constellations
but you try to help me.
You are so smart.

Your laugh is kind of like
a melody.
And I want to make you laugh
because I love your music.

and reassurance
and incandescent happiness
and swingsets.

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