My Voices

May 3, 2011
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Lonely…Why don’t they answer?
Always there but now…Nothing
So lost in this darkened world
Shadows of unknown souls
Not very chatty so I’m all alone
My voices…where have they gone
Cries of pain from every direction
But which way
It’s cold
Very much so
But can’t stay still
I'm followed
Are you waiting?
For my fall
Run or don’t
Just walk fast
They feed on fear
Maybe I’ll skip
It’s too cold
I’ll just walk this way
Look a splatter
Red paint?
But there’s nothing to paint
Such a lovely color
Oh no, they’re on me
Don’t look, just walk
I can’t feel my toes
Whispers, my voices?
No, just from those shadows
Annoying things
Ouch! A scratch
But there’s nothing there
They did it
Red paint?
It’s the same
But I know it’s my blood
They want to devour me
Take my soul
Voices I need you
They are silent again
Where am I
It’s cold
Look a picture
Hanging in air?
It’s my house
And my parents are there
But that’s strange
I remember a bullet
Look a white ribbon
I love white
What’s on it?
My ribbon is red
Like the paint
But why?
A hole?
In my chest, I feel it
Look my dress
Some more scarlet
Mommy’s voice
In pain
Everything is black
There’s no white
I’m cold
My heart is beating
But it feels empty
Daddy, are you there
I hear you
Why are ya’ll screaming
I’m trapped, save me
Running now
They feel my fear
But they are scared
It’s cold
I see it
My home
The living room
It’s red
Like that paint
Why is it everywhere
Nothings white
It’s cold
The voices are back
They tell me what I’ve done
The shadows stay away
They are afraid
I wish I’d let them take me away

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