I am no psychiatrist; I am merely your friend.

May 11, 2011
By JenClaireMelvin BRONZE, Lochore, Other
JenClaireMelvin BRONZE, Lochore, Other
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I know you have problems, but I have them too.
I’m living life for me, not completely for you.
Your life is your own; you’re no puppet with strings.
You need to pick yourself up and get on with things.
I can’t do everything for you, no where near.
I can’t even do it for myself, I’m so filled up with fear.
That if I stop helping, as much as I do
That I’ll have no more help, I will have no more you.
In the end I know I’ll always crawl back
I’ll run round and around this godforsaken track
Till im back at the start, never the finish line
I can’t have friends that only ever seem to whine.
I need friends who are happy, who laugh and be close
The ones who are thankful and help me with most
I need the ones who will laugh at my unique, quirky style.
Not ones that just treat me like Jeremy Kyle.
I am no psychiatrist; I am merely your friend
Who wants to be there for you, right till the end.
Don’t pretend its not you, you know who you are
But I want to remove this horrid ugly scar
That’s been slashed on my arms, too high up to see
‘cause I thought, there was really, nobody there for me.
But I opened my eyes, saw that it was just you.
My other friends are there, looking out for me too.
The bullets you shoot when I say the wrong thing
Take me head over heals, knocked me out of the ring.
I don’t understand how I can say anymore
Even when I do, I’m just pushed out the door.
‘cause as soon as I say the things I truly believe.
You get angry, you shout, you tell me to leave.
I can’t do this any longer, I hope we can forgive
‘cause the things that I say, go right through your brains sieve. Ignoring my anger, my hurt and my tears.
Only brings back the terror of these unwanted fears.
Please treat me like a friend, a best one at that.
I don’t want a friendship, that’s hard, cold and flat.

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