I Remember

May 3, 2011
By BiteYourLipAndFakeIt SILVER, Johnstown, New York
BiteYourLipAndFakeIt SILVER, Johnstown, New York
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I remember when we first met
It was my first day and I ran into you
I dropped my books and watched the bus pass by
You helped me pick my books up
As I got to my feet
I bit my lip and looked down
You had the cutest chuckle as you said,
“Hello gorgeous.”
I blushed and you chuckled again
“I’m Molly.”
I said
You said as I spoke I sounded like a mouse
And I had to agree because I was so damn nervous
You did that cute chuckle again
“I’m Blake. I’ll walk you home. I mean you’re cute anyways.”
I giggled and thanks you
Then you took my hand
I looked at you and jumped a bit
But you just held on tighter and smiled
I remember when we had our first date
We talked everyday and night
I remember when you first held me
God, I was so nervous
I remember our first kiss
I shook so much that we nearly missed
But, I remember most of all…
When you left me waiting in the cold
Oh I was so mad
But, then your warm arms wrapped around me
You’d been watching the whole time
I yelled at you
You looked down
And I remember what you said,
“Now I know that I’ll never let you go.”

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