Chicago Fair

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

As I walk among the
mass of people
packed together
like kids in a tornado drill
I head towards Navy Pier

I see the
Ferris Wheel
Ice cream stands
Hot dog stands
and millions of people

As I approach the Ferris Wheel
I am awestruck by
the monstrosity
of the big wheel in front of me
It was painted white
150 feet tall
with 40 different cars
all with 6 people inside
Whirling around
and around
in clockwise movement

It seems tall like where a plane flies
and made up of as much metal
as a thousand robots

I think back to where
this giant wheel came from.
The Chicago World Fair

It was a place for
new ideas
and old ideas
to become better

The Ferris Wheel
made its debut here
264 feet high
36 Cars
60 People

The Chicago World Fair
Celebrated in 1893
Brought an abundance of new things
that are still used today

I flash back to the present
after realizing I had been
standing there for
what felt like a century

I take my spot in the line as long as
a kilometer
and wait for my turn
on the rotating wheel

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