addicted to the taste

May 3, 2011
By brie_brie BRONZE, Eaton, Ohio
brie_brie BRONZE, Eaton, Ohio
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"if seeing is believing, then believe that we have lost our eyes" Manchester Orchestra

i saw m prince charming
hiding from the world
i brought him out to the sun
i gave him everything
now this isn't your typical story
of heart break on his part
things were going so good
but i tore his world apart
first loves are never forever
no matter how much you wish
one kiss was all i wanted
from a dangerous secret of mine
a kiss to hold close to my heart
because the best was never enough
a fight sends me back to him
to meet at a secret place
I'm addicted to the thrill
I'm addicted to the kisses
I'm addicted to the taste

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