My Favorite Feeling

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I’m anxious, excited; my heart pounds so hard it nearly comes out of my chest.
We all line up, one next to the other, and nervously wait.
Everybody slightly bends over, ready to start, as I follow their lead.
Then all of a sudden, BANG, and the race has begun.
I quickly try to make my way around the other people;
I try to find my spot in the inner-most lane.
Everybody is watching me now, just chase the girl ahead.
I hear the faint screams from the supportive friends.
The edges of my face begin to feel damp and the sun beats down on me.
Deep-brown curls repeatedly bounce.
Up and down, up and down; they keep their steady pace.
There is no backing out now; I can’t start to fall behind.
Speed up the pace, I am almost done;
My sight sets on the girl in front of me, and I sprint in hopes to pass her.
I cross the finish line, those screams from earlier now blaring in my ear.
When I receive my time tears start to well up in my face.
I can’t believe what I have done.
I achieved the goal that I had set to accomplish by the end of the year,

Which is still a few months away.
Even a few hours later, I still won’t believe it.
People may not understand why I love to run Track so much; they may question why I do it.
Well all I can to say to them is…
This feeling is my answer.

The author's comments:
I love to run track and I ran my best time ever last week. It was my goal to accomplish in 10the grade and I am only in 9th grade.

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