Living on the Edge

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

What is your life without an edge?
It’s dull.
The edge is the cliff that you find yourself falling off of in a bad dream.
You never know what is beyond the edge of the cliff.
The only way you will find out,
Is to FALL.
Without an edge,
All that your life will have is middle.
You will be in the middle of the pack.
You won’t stand out.
You won’t have the edge there to drive you.
Sharpen your skills,
And your intelligence.
Without edge you feel like you’re sinking.
The edge holds the answers to all your questions;
The questions from your answers.
The edge holds all of the wrongs.
The edge can be everywhere,
That you are afraid to go to.
If you’re not on the edge,
You aren’t walking with your eyes closed.
You do the same things over again.
You are stuck living reruns of your own life.
You are in the great middle of life.
Where everyone acts and dresses alike.
So they can have the same conversations and then,
Dream the same dreams.
When you get on the edge,
You don’t know what anybody is going to do or say or think.
The edge can’t be found in the obvious places.
It can’t be found anywhere in the universe.
On the edge all bets are off,
The air is clear,
Your hearts pounding,
You’re shaking,
You’re light headed and queasy.
This feeling is scared.
Because right here everything is beginning.
Right, it’s so uncomfortable.
The edge is suppose to be a change!
It’s what you don’t see coming;
So get out of your comfort zone and,
Yeah, the middle is really safe.
It’s safe like a life jacket and training wheels,
If that’s how you want your life to be.
If you don’t wanna break the rules,
Or ever take risks,
Grow up,
Pass your fears.
If you want to spend your life,
Doing what people tell you to do,
And entertain yourself,
Until you start to die on the stupid lack of your damaged existence.
Then go ahead live in that stupid middle.
But if you are sick of being tired and weak,
If you can’t take one more jerk ruining your life,
If you are emotional enough,
To wake up and do something.
If you’re ready to feel the pain of the terrible,
Mark your life has become.
Then friend,
Quit your job,
Quit whining,
Leave that jerk,
Get hurt.
Break down if you have to.
Then you pick your head up,
And for all you’re worth.
Don’t walk, run,
So you can feel that edge.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this because i am sick of living the same old live everyday, so i wrote this in reference to me, but acted like it was to someone else.

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