I Will Rise

May 3, 2011
I find myself asphyxiating
Confined within the murky smoke of deceit
Shadows screaming through my system
Begging for their release
Hands bound around my mouth
Clawing for lost phrases
Hidden between my teeth
Memories scratching through my mind
Flashing brightly, tearing at the color held within me
I am dying
Once tearing off fragments of myself
Stone faced, I dropped them to the floor
Foolishly expecting my efforts to piece them back together
Sorrow resides in a deep crack
Inside my chest
Ever pushing at the cavity walls
Until i rip in two
And I am left scattered around these dusty halls
My voice evaporating from the air
Eyes cast only forward, only up
For i will one day grasp the strength lain before me
I hang these eyes to dry on a slim rack of hopes and aspirations
That maybe someday
I can triumphantly reach downward
And snatch the pieces of my soul
I so futilely cast away
I will rise

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