May 3, 2011
By Amberlynn41 BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
Amberlynn41 BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
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I dread this,
I dread this so much
School is about learning
Books, numbers and paper
So when does feelings come into play?
It doesn’t
It doesn’t that’s what I have to say
Writing this so called “poetry”
Is like murder of my personal thoughts
But now I’m graded on how I’m suppose to feel
That’s insane, crazy and ridiculously unreal
What does this prove anyways?
Whoever gets the most emotional wins?
Now conjure up some tears
And speak of all your insecurities and fears
Called me stubborn for being so pissed
The real problem is the values that cease to exist
Push over, pushed me over
I can’t say no
Because I care, so forcing this seriousness
Will only make me laugh more
This is reverse
Did you mean that?
but as you wish
because I am the star
I have enough responsibilities
I’m not a fisherman
so can I ask why do I always have so much to tackle?
This is life you always say, but shouldn’t I be heard
excuse me ma’am this is dam right absurd
if I was suppose to tell you how I felt
it wouldn’t be called the inside
that is plain and simple
I’m so done
even though you have already won

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