Dear Diary

May 2, 2011
By sarahjb BRONZE, San Diego, California
sarahjb BRONZE, San Diego, California
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All on paper
It’s the affirmation
Of my situation
It’s like a contract
With no signature
Just plain thoughts and feelings
All on paper
No regrets
No talking back
No, “Please, will you forgive me?”
Just me and my Paper
Decorate it, dress it as I please
For there is no one to judge me
And tell me what I need
Dear Diary, Dear Diary,
It’s only you and me

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write "Dear Diary" one day after I had realized the healing power that writing in some sort of private journal or diary has on the mind. I never took it into consideration, but I finally came to realize the way that you can write anything your heart desires and nobody can tell you that it's wrong, what's right, what you should do, etc. Even more, you can include art with your entries and simply express yourself without any judgments whatsoever.

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