I Miss My Uncle Pat

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

He’s the sun that blooms my flowers
He is lovely rain that blocks out my pain
He makes me smile when I’m down
And he never screams at me out loud

I haven’t seen him in awhile
Perhaps one day
He’ll see me getting married
walking down the aisle
Perhaps I’ll see him smile again
Because whatever happens
I know he’ll be with me
till the end

I miss his hugs
I miss his laugh
I miss everything
about him at that,
I miss my uncle Pat
And I know
he misses me too

As the days go by
I wonder why
He had to move so far away
Even though each day
I talk to him on facebook
He insists he’s not that far away
We’ll laugh and chat
Till the early morning
We’ll talk all night
and not even fight

I miss his jokes
They make me choke
I can’t stop laughing
I wish I had him in my arms
I miss his tap they way he rapped
I miss my Uncle Pat
And I keep telling him everyday

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem off the top of my head when I was talking to my Uncle Pat on facebook. I told him that I wrote a poem for my mother for mother's day and he said he likes poems and I should write him one. So I said okay and I did. Best part was it only took ten minutes to write it and my uncle fell in love with it and said he was going to save it.

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