I Miss My Uncle Pat

May 2, 2011
By , Corry, PA
He’s the sun that blooms my flowers
He is lovely rain that blocks out my pain
He makes me smile when I’m down
And he never screams at me out loud

I haven’t seen him in awhile
Perhaps one day
He’ll see me getting married
walking down the aisle
Perhaps I’ll see him smile again
Because whatever happens
I know he’ll be with me
till the end

I miss his hugs
I miss his laugh
I miss everything
about him at that,
I miss my uncle Pat
And I know
he misses me too

As the days go by
I wonder why
He had to move so far away
Even though each day
I talk to him on facebook
He insists he’s not that far away
We’ll laugh and chat
Till the early morning
We’ll talk all night
and not even fight

I miss his jokes
They make me choke
I can’t stop laughing
I wish I had him in my arms
I miss his tap they way he rapped
I miss my Uncle Pat
And I keep telling him everyday

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