Darkness of My Heart

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Something missing in my life
Gaping hole inside my heart
Consumed by all the pain and strife
Feeling my world shatter apart
Lost in myself, my pity, my pleading
Insanity; so close, so dear
Tortured by love, my heart is bleeding
Everything lost that was once so dear
Knife of love on my wrist
Tears of love rain down
Longing of love, so desperately missed
And of that love, shall I drown
Hear my cry, my silent plea
Look upon my anguished state
Take this curse away from me
Death's sweet hand no more shall wait
Life's fragile balance, so unstable
Easily tipped by meager throws
Effortlessly taken by all those able
Who hope to find peace in the great unknown
Please end this suffering, my sorrow
My love-starved heart no more can take
I pray for relief with the dawn of tomorrow
A pardon from the endless heartbreak

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